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I was providing a rough estimate on dealer buy prices for the basic proof sets.Actually, a two-headed quarter is virtually always a trick novelty coin.You may have dreamed of stumbling upon a hidden fortune in your own backyard, but what you may have not considered is that rare coins could be hidden in plain sight.I have a wuarter from 1962 and couple pennies from 1942 to 1943,1944,1946,1947.Check out Rocky Mountain Coin on Yelp Shop Support Store Locations.Here we will lay out which coins offer the greatest value because of their metal content (made out of nickel).Other signs to look out for are that the colour does not match that of.

List of the VERY RARE British 19th and 20th Cent. COIN SELLERS: What COIN BUYERS look for in a listing Image.

You either have a replica of a Lincoln cent, or you have a real Lincoln cent that was coated with pewter.

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I have 5 1922 silver dollar coins—They are packaged so they could possibly be uncirculated—Do you know the value of these coins.Last but definitely not least, the Kew Gardens 50p steals the show.You may be thinking of the 1942-1945 Jefferson nickels that contained 35% silver.Proof Lincoln cents of the era have highly reflective, nearly mirror-like, surfaces and great display of minute detail.

Doubled Die Obverse on a 1970-S Lincoln Penny with a Small Date The errors for this penny are very specific.A stash of junk silver can be your best friend in a time of crisis.For more info, check out 5 Surefire Tips To Find A Good Coin Dealer.However, there are also countless replica 1913 Liberty nickels around, and each is relatively worthless.I have a 1971 uncirculated nickel without a mintmark stamp, but has the initials FS on the very bottom of the coin, and a 1971 penny that also lacks a mintmark.The most valuable coins can be worth millions of dollars. Coins That Are Worth a Lot of Money.Learn which coins to look. 9 Valuable Coins Found in Pocket Change. I am positive I have seen one of these in my lifetime and never took the time to check out.

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The gold-plated Washington quarters are worth around 50 cents each as novelty coins (these were plated outside of the U.S. Mint).Those dated 1965 and after (P mint or D mint) are worth face value.

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I have a question for you. 1908 half dollar, (2)1900 dollar coins, 1941 half dollar, 1923 dollar coin, 1941 dime, 6 nickels with half a face on the front with different symbols on the back.I belive I have some rare pennys starting with 1970 RTY slightly.I have a dime from 1917 and a penny from 1903, can you tell me there worth.Get started with instant access to coin prices, history, and grading guides.The gold color appears to be toning, which is actually quite pretty in the images you sent.You can tell the difference by checking the reveres of the coin.

Many farmers buried their coins. be sure to search those medicine cabinets as well as the following places. Pipe Safe. Look for.One is a 1960-D nickel that seems to have a circle on reverse side and the other is a 2013-P with a semi circle under In God We Trust.Though none are really worth more than face value, they are highly collectible.The partial date may also be due to uneven (and very heavy) wear.Top 10 Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Pocket Change Coins Worth Money in Your Pocket.It is very shiny like brass and seems to be lighter in weight to other pennies.Only a professional numismatist who can see the coin in hand could tel you if the coin was damaged by chemicals or simply never plated.

Reported errors include the lettering on the edge of the coins.I might add that I spent 30-40 years of my life helping my father build his coin collection which was sold upon his death.I have a dime that has 196 on it for a date would it be worth anything.The only nickels to be silver are those from 1942 to 1945 and they have the mint mark above the Monticello Dome.Rare British Coins for sale for numismatists and rare coin collectors. Search our site to find out what is my coin.The 1990 no-S Lincoln cent, as a noted error, occurred only on the proof coins of that year.Full Doubled Die Obverse on a 1969 Lincoln Penny This is the most valuable error coin in this article.A 1953 Lincoln cent is a common wheat cent worth about 2 cents to 5 cents in typical circulated grades.

The values are technically applicable only to PCGS-graded coins, but this site gives some good general idea as to the value of certain coins.The use of 2 colors gives higher-denomination coins a distinctive look,.Check the Reverse and Edge Turn the coin from top to bottom (no, side-to-side will not work), if your coin was right side up before, it should be right side up now.

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