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Shadows falling in the holes dug for securing the posts also bring bad luck.Many may also want to keep a small frog amulet in their purse or wallet at all.A mole on the center of the chest means that the person will always be happy, loyal, and brave and is protective of his name and honor.

Doors erected on the left side of the house and stairs that turn to the left will encourage infidelity.Strange Financial Superstitions around the. financial superstitions around the. thinking about buying your Greek friends a wallet or.While there are several superstitions regarding the wallet,.

Ukraine Superstitions and Culture. If you are going to buy flowers for somebody,.

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Shop for wristlets, designer wallets, zip around wallets & more wallet styles.Why Is Wallet A Perfect Gift For. you can never go wrong with a wallet.Dreaming of a jar of money means impending death of a family member among Bicolanos.

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Garlic should be hung near the windows and the husband must always keep a stingray tail in the bedroom to discourage vampires from entering it and eating the foetus.

This false sense of security is what enables superstition to affect human.Whatever one does on New Year, whether constructive or counter-productive, will determine how he will fare for the rest of the year.

This voodoo-ish type superstition says that if a woman. but I know some folks who believe putting your wallet or purse.Larders must be topped up and plenty of money must be placed in every wallet in the home to guarantee prosperity.A mole on the neck means lung problems but also a big inheritance.A red wallet will cause impulse spending. You just had to buy a red wallet,.

Buying a car on the thirteenth of any month. Giving someone a purse or wallet, unless you put a coin in it.Many folks subscribe to the superstition that the wood rose can ward off lightning and brings long life.Neither should septic tanks and toilets be built near the kitchen because it would contaminate the food in a psychic sense and will bring sickness to the family.Almost anywhere on the planet it is deemed good luck to spot a coin in your path and pick it up.You dun have to buy an ultra-expensive wallet but it should look good and be.

Superstition has it that wearing a pair of red underwear on. (preferably from your own wallet).Among the Maranaws of Mindanao, hearing the sound of a house lizard is an omen that one should not travel on that day.A mole on the left shoulder means that the person will carry a heavy burden in life.If the first sound one hears at the stroke of midnight is a dog barking or a cock crowing, the coming year will be gloomy for such is an omen of financial difficulties ahead, sickness, typhoons and other calamities.If the topmost rung coincides with oro or plata, it will attract good.Merchants should sell their wares at a low price during New Year to attract more business.

If one accidentally bites his tongue people are talking about him.

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Doors that face west will bring quarrels, diseases and death in the family.Answer Wiki. I would rather buy a wallet from the street stalls,.In this lesson we gonna talk about Russian Superstitions. if you give a wallet as a gift,.Lucky Coins - Sixpence wedding coin - Feng Shui Chinese Lucky Coins - Superstitions about coins - Lucky Dime,.

A woman who accidentally falls down hard will deliver a hare-lipped baby.When I asked her why she completely dismisses the wallet superstition,.A pregnant woman who watches a lunar eclipse is in danger of having a miscarriage.New Years Traditions and Superstitions from around the world.Superstition mixed with dreams and humor Wednesday as hundreds of people in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley and elsewhere in the region lined up to buy a 1-in-55.If you keep money in a pouch roll the bills into circles because circles represent infinity.An assortment of Greek superstitions, customs and traditions,.However it is said that a wallet should come to you as a gift in order to bring with it abundance and.

Exploding firecrackers and ringing bells at the stroke of midnight on New Year will bring good luck.How to Choose a Feng Shui Wallet that Attracts Wealth and Money.Old wives tales, superstitions and other sayings. If you give someone a wallet or.

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Superstition and Money: The Way We Think About Money. Giving an empty wallet can give the recipient bad.Many Filipinos bury precious items with the dead for use in the afterlife.A person who has a mole on the center of his forehead means that he possesses an acute intellect and will be successful in business.

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Doors should not be built facing each other for it portends that money will come in easily but will also rush out quickly.Like any other racial group in the world, present-day Filipinos have their own set of superstitious beliefs they have inherited from their ancestors.No part of the house should cover or hang over the stump of a newly cut tree.While number 7 and 11 bring good luck, number 13 is never used as an address number or the number of a story in a building.


There are a whole load of superstitions and taboos to be observed during this period.


In contrast, a house that faces west where the sun sets is a jinx and will bring bad luck.