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Essentially, a circuit breaker halts trading in public exchanges if the price drops too fast in too short a period of time.GDAX, the digital currency exchange operated by Coinbase that saw the price of cryptocurrency Ethereum drop in a flash crash last week, is reimbursing customers.

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It is in place to prevent panic selling on the stock exchanges and excessive volatility.

Ethereum's flash-crash victims are getting their money back

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GDAX To Credit Traders for Ethereum Flash Crash Losses

Something like this could happen to any exchange in the future.US Retail Sales And Industrial Output Suffer Declines Due To Harvey.

Problems at exchanges also contributed to the uncertainty, resulting in Ether price falling.While the ICO was accepting payments in both Ethereum and Bitcoin, it later asked investors to pay only in Bitcoin and not Ethereum.

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It just goes to show crypto market is still in its infancy stage, which is apparent by looking at 20x increase in daily trading volume since the start of 2017 without any fundamental change in market structures.

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The steep fall happened as a multimillion-dollar market sell was placed on the GDAX ETH.

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While some people lost quite a lot of money, there were a few who managed to seize the opportunity and made a substantial amount.Signup for the Newsletter to get updates on top stories and viral hits.

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GDAX blamed the flash crash on a multi-million dollar market sell order that.

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Ethereum, a popular new digital currency, trades on exchanges much like its older rival bitcoin.

Democrats Introduce Credit Freeze Bill In Response To Equifax Leak.We have to accept volatility for access to the increase potential.I believe creating a circuit breaker would actually open the door to even more market manipulation than it solves.The ensuing flood of sell orders temporarily drove down the price of ETH on GDAX.

So someone placed a multi-million sell order on the exchange.Yesterday at 12:30pm PT, someone dumped several million dollars worth of Ether (ETH) on the GDAX ETH-USD order book.GDAX Bails out Margin Traders Affected by Ethereum Flash Crash.

White said the GDAX decided to temporarily halt trading of ETH-USD in response to the price movement,.

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Marseille, France (CNN)The French prosecutor leading an investigation into the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 insisted Wednesday that he was not aware of.Ant Financial Offers Face Scan Service For Package Pickup In China.GDAX Will Compensate Customers Affected by Ethereum. order executed on the GDAX ETH-USD order book. the flash crash will be able to keep them, with GDAX.Ethereum price on Wednesday fell to as low as 10 cents on GDAX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.No one DESERVES to lose their ass due to flash market crash, you nut job.

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After GDAX experienced a significant Ethereum flash crash two.

GDAX to Compensate Customers Who Lost Money in ETH Flash Crash

GDAX is taking the unusual measure of crediting back certain customers.The whole event could have been prevented by using a circuit breaker.

The GDAX Ether price crash losses are hard to swallow but they created opportunities for flash profits. Following the sudden crash, GDAX suspended ETH trading.

Buyers choose to liquidate automatically on a price of their choice to prevent further losses.

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All the US stock exchanges are required to have a circuit breaker.GDAX to Pay Back Customers After Ethereum Flash Crash. the steep fall on June 21 took place after a multimillion dollar market sell was placed on the GDAX ETH.

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